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Vibe is a South Korean R&B group. They released their first album in 2002 as a trio of two male singers (Yoon Min Soo and Ryu Jae Hyun) and a rapper (Yoo Sung Gyu). Their first single "Miwuhdo Dahshi Hanbunmahn (Although it is hateful, again)" was a success and a huge hit for the group making them very popular. Their second single "Promise U" was also very successful. Their 2nd album came out in November of 2003 and their first single "Oh Reh Oh Reh (Long Long Time)" was a huge hit as was their second single "Sahjin Uhl Bohdagah (While Looking at the Picture)". This cemented their status as a popular group and consistent hit makers. During the hiatus between their 2nd and 3rd albums, the rapper left the group citing that he wanted to pursue his own style of music, taking on the name Noblesse. Vibe went on to release their 3rd album in 2006 which, unsurprisingly, became a success with their two hits "Geu Namja, Geu Yujah (That Man, That Woman)" and "Sool Ee Yah (Liquor)".


Vibe korean group
Name: Ryu Jae Hyun

* Position: Vocals
* DOB: 3-14-1980
* Height: 167 cm
* Weight: 62 kg
* Producer/Writer/Composer
o Most of VIBE's songs
o SG Wannabe's SalDahGah and Slow Love Song
o Song Seung Hun's Even After 10 Years
o Big4's Gone With The Wind
o Seeya's Slipper
o F.T. Island's 'Lovesick' and 'Until You Return'
o Lee Soo Young's 'Don’t Know Men'
o Davich's 'I Love You Even Though I Hate You'

Name: Yoon Min Soo

* Position: Lead Vocals/Producer


o 4Men - Go Baek
o Yoon Minsoo, 4Men, Park Jung Eun - Winter Story
o Rhymer (She's Not Here)
o Seo Ji Young
o The Name - Please Find Her

Name: Yoo Sung Gyu Left the group in 2004

* Position: Rapper
* DOB: 4-18-1980



* March 5, 2002: Volume 1 - Afterglow [SALES: 60,000+]
* November 29, 2003: Volume 2 - Remember [SALES: 130,000+]
* March 1, 2006: Volume 3 - Re-Feel [SALES: 90,000+]
* May 12, 2010: Volume 4 - Vibe in Praha


* 2002: Miwuhdo Dahshi Hanbunmahn (Although it is hateful, again)
* 2002: Promise U
* 2003: Oh Reh Oh Reh (Long Long Time)
* 2003: Sahjin Uhl Bohdagah (While Looking at the Picture) * 2006: Geu Namja, Geu Yujah (That Man, That Woman) feat. Jang Hye Jin
* 2006: Sool Ee Yah (Liquor)

The single "Orae Orae" topped the KBS chart in January 2004.

The 2006 single "Geu namja, geu yeoja" features female singer Jang Hye Jin and also topped the KBS chart for several weeks.

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