Lee Ji-hoon

Lee Ji-hoon

Lee Jee-Hoon (born March 27, 1979) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is known as the "prince of K-pop".


Lee Jee Hoon made his debut in the Korean pop music scene on 15 October 1996, he was still in high school at that time. His debut number "Why the Heaven" recorded an instant hit, putting him on top of the local pop charts and making Lee one of the steady-selling singers. However, Lee had not been able to release a solo album since his 4.5th album released in February 2001. Instead of performing on stage as a solo singer, he and Kangta formed a project group called the "S" with their close singer friend, Shin Hyesung.

In May 2004, Lee Jee Hoon finally made a comeback as a solo vocalist by releasing a new album. Upon releasing the new album, he said that he has gained the confidence to determine that singing should be his lifetime career. It was after 38 months since he introduced his own song to the public. The title song of the new album is "Trinity", a ballad that expresses the characteristics of Lee well. With a shouting-like singing style, Lee has returned to his fans with his expertise - a ballad. Lee Jee Hoon is close friends with other singers who were born in the same year, 1979. Top female vocalist Lee Soo Young and Shin Hyesung , a member of Shinhwa participated in the new album by Lee Jee Hoon.

He also acted in the movie, Lovely Rivals and Wet Dreams 2. However he is most successful in the acting industry for his dramas. His first big role was as Kim Jae Won's rival for Eugene's affections in Wonderful Life. He then starred in the popular Hello! Miss and the highly successful New Heart. He is currently starring in the KBS daily drama "You Are My Destiny" opposite of SNSD member, Im Yoona.


* 1997 MBC TV (First Place MBC TV Best 50 Songs)
* 1997 KBS TV (First Place KBS TV Top Ten Songs)
* 1997 MBC TV (First Place MBC TV Best 50 Songs)
* 1997 SBS TV (First Place SBS TV Top 20 Songs)
* 1997 KBS TV (First Place KBS Top Ten Songs)
* 1997 (Best New Artist Sports Seoul Music Awards)
* 1997 (Il Gan Sports Award Top Ten Singer)
* 1997 (KMTV 97 Gayo Challenge "Most Popular Singer")
* 1997 SBS TV (Best New Artist SBS Music Award)
* 1997 KBS TV (Best New Artist KBS Music Award)
* 2001 SBS TV (First Place SBS TV Popular Gayo)
* 2003 MBC TV (First Place "I Swear" MBC TV Music Camp)



2003 Pretty Woman
2005 Wonderful Life, Billie Jean, Look At Me
2007 Hello! Miss, New Heart
2008 You are My Destiny


2004 Lovely Rivals, New Royal Secret Commissioner
2005 Wet Dreams 2
2006 Sweet Dreams

Lee Ji-hoon


Lee Jee-Hoon Vol.1: Rhythm Paradise [1996.11.25]

Lee Jee-Hoon Vol.2: Love and Forever [1997.10.17]

Lee Jee-Hoon Vol.3: Man [1998.06.18]

Lee Jee-Hoon Vol.4: Eternity Friend [2000.04.03]

Lee Jee-Hoon 4.5: Special with.. [2001.02]

Lee Jee-Hoon Vol.5: Trinity [2004.04.22]

Lee Jee-Hoon Vol.6: The Classic [2008.05.13]

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