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The King Dae Joyoung

king dae joyoung korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/daejoyoung/index.html

TV Premiere: September 16, 2006

Production : screenwriter- Chang Young-chul

Director: Kim Jong-seon, Yoon Sung-shik

Main Casts : Choi Su-jong, Lee Deok-hwa, Chung Bo-seok, Park Ye-jin

Running Time per Episode : 50 mins

Total Episodes : 100 eps

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Brief Synopsis

This 100-episode epic drama vividly depicts the life of King Dae Jo-yeong and other heroes of the Balhae Kingdom, which dates back 1300 years ago. The role of Dae Jo-yeong is portrayed by actor Choi Su-jong, while the role of Yi Hae-go, Dae Jo-yeong’s rival for the supremacy in the northern territories, is portrayed by actor Chung Bo-seok. The two also face off over the love of Cho-rin, a woman from the Georan tribe, and King Bojang’s niece, Suk-yeong. The role of Cho-rin is played by Park Ye-jin, while Suk-yeong is portrayed by Hong Su-hyun. Several key historic figures in the drama are played by seasoned middle-aged actors, whose masterful acting underscores the drama’s well-knit plot. The drama drew the spotlight even before its premiere for efforts to produce a perfect picture, as even a special KBS video team was set up to create true-to-life fighting scenes, such as a massive siege warfare between Goguryeo and the Tang Dynasty created using 3D digital characters and the scene showing the collapse of a mountain during the Ansi Fortress battle.


Choi Su-jong

Dae Jo-yeong: The first king of the Balhae Kingdom who was born before the collapse of Goguryeo. His childhood was marred with suspicion that he would seize power when he grows up. This shrewd and decisive man falls in love with Cho-rin, the daughter of the chief of the Georan tribe whom he takes hostage to escape from captivity. Cho-rin loves him back but Dae Jo-yeong ends up marrying King Bojang’s niece, Suk-yeong. Thanks to his powerful charisma and strong leadership skills, he establishes the Balhae state along with Goguryeo migrants.

Lee Deok-hwa

Seol In-kwi: A Tang Dynasty artisan of the Georan tribe who rose to prominence thanks to his cleverness and talent. He distinguishes himself by subjugating Goguryeo forces, and stands up against Dae Jo-yeong.

Chung Bo-seok

Yi Hae-go: A son of an aristocratic Goguryeo family, Yi Hae-go was raised by the chief of the Georan tribe and became its top warrior. He fights with Dae Jo-yeong over the supremacy in the northern territories but ends up losing to him. The two also face off over the love of the Georan tribe chief’s daughter, Cho-rin.

Park Ye-jin

Cho-rin: The daughter of the Georan tribe chief, Cho-rin meets Dae Jo-yeong at destiny’s whim and falls in love with him. Wild and proactive, she turns away from her tribe and follows Dae Jo-yeong. She faces off with Suk-yeong, the niece of King Bojang, over Dae Jo-yeong’s love but Suk-yeong eventually ends up being Dae Jo-yeong’s wife. Cho-rin gives birth to Dae Jo-yeong’s son, Geomi, but her love for him ends tragically.

Source http://contents.kbs.co.kr

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