Korean Drama

The King and I

eunuch, king and i

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Also known as Eunuch

Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/eunuch/

Genre : Historical

TV Premiere: 2007-Aug-27 to 2008-April-1

Production : Producer: Kim Jae Hyung


Main Casts :Oh Man Suk as Kim Cheo Seon Goo Hye Sun as Yoon So Hwa, Ko Joo Won as King Seongjong, Lee Jin as Jung Hyun, Jun Kwang Ryul as Jo Chi Kyeom (head of the eunuchs), Jun In Hwa as Queen Dowager Insu (Seongjong’s mother).

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 50 Eps

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Brief Synopsis

A drama about Kim Cheo Seon's life during the Joseon Dynasty. Kim Cheo Seon was a loyal and faithful eunuch for various Kings such as the 5th King, MoonJoong, and the 10th King, YunSan Goon, during the Chosun Era. In the Joseon Dynasty period, the kingdom was enveloped in a political maelstrom. Cheo-seon was born as a posthumous child and separated from his mother immediately. He was raised by Weol-hwa and the old Swe-gwi, who ran the eunuch school. When he meets So-hwa, the daughter of a powerful noble, he falls in love with her immediately. He voluntarily becomes a eunuch to be close to So-hwa and is assigned to work for Cho Chi-gyeom, a senior eunuch. Entering the royal palace, he sees King, Sung-Jong and So-hwa spend their first night together. He becomes So-hwa's loyal protector. As the political battles rage on among the courtesans and wives in the palace, So-hwa is chosen by the king to be his queen and Cheo-seon vows to be her loyal servant. But So-hwa is eventually dethroned as the queen and leaves the palace in disgrace. Cheo-seon helplessly watches these events unfold and he secretly helps So-hwa. But in a cruel twist of fate, he is the one chosen to execute So-hwa's death sentence by serving her a bowlful of poison. After So-hwa dies, he looks after her son King, Yeonsangun as if he were his own son....

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