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Hometown over the hill

hometown over the hill

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/namchon/index.html

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere:

Production : Writer:Yoo Yun-kyung

Director: Shin Chang-seok

Main Casts : Lee Jin-woo, Kim Su-jin, Ban Hyo-jeong, Choi Il-hwa, Yang Keum-seok, Cho Eun-sook, Hwang Beom-shik, Bae Do-hwan, Ha Hwang Haiyen

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 16 Eps

Brief Synopsis

Dreams and reality of farming villages

By depicting the dreams of people living in farming villages, this drama also reveals problems that today's residents of rural areas face, such as a growing number of biracial children from international marriages and the cutthroat competition to survive.

Scenic landscapes and heartwarming stories

Scenes showing picturesque rustic landscapes during each season spellbind viewers, as do heartwarming stories about the strong determination of people living in farming villages.

Becoming one

While centering on people who have lived in farming villages for generations, this drama also portrays the lives of people who have moved to farmland from big cities and from abroad.


Lee Jin-woo as Na Jin-seok

This divorced man used to work for a securities firm but moved to a village with his adolescent eldest daughter and twins. He tries to learn farming but it turns out a big challenge.

Kim Su-jin as Na Hae-byeol as Jin-seok's eldest daughter,

who is thrown into confusion by her parents’ divorce and difficulties of life in a village

Ban Hyo-jeong as Han Kil-seon

The wife of the head of the main family, who has religiously carried on the bean fermentation tradition of her husband's family. She is strict but has a warm heart.

Choi Il-hwa as Kim Young-kon

The eldest grandson of the main family, who works as a director of a post office and helps the elderly in his village, acting as their son and grandson.

Yang Keum-seok as Choi Myung-hee

The eldest daughter-in-law of the main family, who has harnessed her housekeeping skills through a hard life with her parents-in-law

Cho Eun-sook as Kim Seung-ju

The youngest daughter of the main family and Chun-bong's daughter-in-law. After her husband's death, she moves to her hometown, where her parents and parents-in-law live.

Hwang Beom-shik as Bong Chun-bong

Seung-ju's father-in-law. A typical country man, who has a cheerful and social personality.

Bae Do-hwan as Bong Sun-ho

Chun-bong's farm-savvy eldest son, who has amassed a fortune by managing an orchard and is married to a Vietnamese woman

Ha Hwang Haiyen as Haiyen

Sun-ho's wife from Vietnam. She is younger than Seung-ju but is higher in family rank than her. She does her best to learn housekeeping but sometimes she can be sly and jealous as well.

Source: Kbs Global

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