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Hello, My Lady!

hello my lady korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/hellobaby/index.html/

TV Premiere: March 19, 2007

Production : screenwriter- Park Young-sook

Director: Lee Min-hong

Main Casts : Lee Dae-hae, Lee Ji-hoon, Ha Seok-jin, Yeon Mi-ju

Running Time per Episode : 70 mins

Total Episodes : 16 eps

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Brief Synopsis

Lee Su-ha (played by Lee Da-hae) inherited the historical home, Hwa Ahn Dang, of the Je-an Lee clan after her father left for Seoul with another woman years ago and her mother died last year of stomach cancer. That is when her dual life began as the head of the nearly-ruined clan as she refused to give up on the Hwa Ahn Dang. But one day she meets Hwang Dong-kyu (played by Lee Ji-hoon), who asks her to sell the Hwa Ahn Dang to him by any means. Dong-kyu is the grandson of a servant who 50 years ago ran away from the Hwa Ahn Dang after stealing its cow and a bale of rice. But after much bickering, Su-ha and Dong-kyu end up falling in love with each other.


Lee Dae-hae

Lee Su-ha: The grandniece of the Je-an Lee clan and the owner of the clan's historical home Hwa Ahn Dang, Su-ha lost her mother to stomach cancer last year, while her father left for Seoul with another woman many years ago. Refusing to lead a reclusive life in the Hwa Ahn Dang, Su-ha decides to explore her life. She falls in love with a guy named Hwang Dong-kyu, who urges her to sell the Hwa Ahn Dang to him.

Lee Ji-hoon

Hwang Dong-kyu: A grandson of the TOP Group, Dong-kyu was raised by his stingy grandfather, the chairman of the group, but is too simple-hearted and well-mannered for a scion. His ignorance and simplicity, which run counter to his hard-hearted personality, add to his 'unbalanced' charm. He invests his youth in learning how to inherit his grandfather's business but falls in love with the pure-hearted girl Su-ha. However, despite his strong feelings for her, he stumbles a lot due to his poor courting skills. He becomes completely engrossed in trying to buy the Hwa Ahn Dang after his grandfather promises to pass his managerial rights to the grandson who gives him the Hwa Ahn Dang.

Ha Seok-jin

Hwang Chang-min: Chang-min is Dong-kyu's cousin and also a grandson of a family-owned conglomerate but he has no interest in inheriting his family's business. He just takes what he has for granted and concentrates solely on modeling. His dazzling looks and outgoing personality captivate girls' hearts at once. But he changes completely after he meets Su-ha and opens his eyes to genuine love. To win her heart, he embarks on learning business and emerges as Dong-kyu's rival.

Yeon Mi-ju

Seo Hwa-ran: Hwa-ran is a daughter of a madwoman who gave birth to her at the Hwa Ahn Dang. Smart enough, she has succeeded in being adopted by an educated and rich elderly couple after running away from home when she was in middle school. She returns to Korea after graduating from college in the U.S. and completely 'upgrading' her body through plastic surgeries. As the one who has become somebody from nobody with painstaking effort, she challenges Su-ha, who shows up in her eventful life as an obstacle.

Source http://contents.kbs.co.kr

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