Korean Drama

Forever Yours

Forever Yours

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC

Also known as: To the End of the World / Far Away

Genre :

TV Premiere: 1998-Apr-06 to 1998-May-26

Production : Producer: Lee Eun Kyu , Writer: Jung Yoo Kyung

Director: Kim Sa Hyun

Main Casts : Kim Hee Sun as Han Suh Hee, Ryu Shi Won as Yi Sae Joon, Kim Ho Jin as Jang Min Hyuk, Lee Jong Soo as Choi Jae Suk, Kim Sun Ah as Hwang Ji Young, Kang Sung Yun as Yu Ri

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 16 Eps

Brief Synopsis

Suh-hee is left by her mother at an orphanage as a small child. She grows up at the orphanage and becomes close to Sae-joon, the son of the orphanage's director. The Director objects to her son dating Suh-hee and kicks Suh-hee out of the orphanage shortly before she graduates from high school. Suh-hee must survive on her own in the outside world. Sae-joon continues to love Suh-hee despite his mother's objections.

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