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Crazy for love

crazy in love korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/loveholic/

TV Premiere: 2007.02.03

Production : screenwriter- Kwon Ki Young

Director: Sohn Jung-hyun

Main Casts : Yoon Kye-sang, Ryu Tae-jun, Lee Mi-yeon

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 16 eps

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Brief Synopsis

The man who killed one woman’s fiance...The woman falls desperately in love with him... And he falls in love with her, too. Their sad love story unfolds...

One winter day in 1998...Giving up on his dreams to become a professional boxer, Chae-joon (actor Yoon Gye-sang) becomes a gang member under the powerful boss, Gab-soo. Although life as a gang member holds no future for Chae-joon, Min-hee (actress Kim Eun-joo), the special girl in his life, gives him all the love he could ever want. Meanwhile, Hyun-chul (actor Lee Jong-hyuk) and Jae-hoon get ready for their first flight to become certified pilots. Then there is Jin-young (actress Lee Mi-yeon) who is just starting her career as an aeronautical engineer. Jae-hoon, who is Hyun-chul’s best friend, will soon get married to Jin-young but Hyun-chul is filled with mixed emotions over their marriage since he was attracted to Jin-young for many years. But just 3 days before the wedding, Hyun-chul is struck by a car driven by Chae-joon and is killed instantly. Chae-joon is charged with manslaughter and shatters the life of Jin-young. After silently suffering from the guilt of secretly loving his late friend's fiancee, Hyun-chul decides to leave the country and never return. Chae-joon is sentenced to 7 years in prison for manslaughter.

7 years later... One winter day in 2006...During his time in prison, Chae-joon completed a course in plane maintenance to become a mechanic. Meanwhile, Jin-young is living with Jae-hoon's parents ever since their son's death and is working as an engineer at an airline. After graduating from college, Min-hee becomes a flight attendant. Hyun-chul returns to Korea, thinking that he has gotten over his feelings for Jin-young.The fates of these four people are about to become intertwined. Without knowing that Chae-joon is the man who killed her fiance, Jin-young meets Chae-joon one fateful day. Chae-joon finds himself falling in love with Jin-young, not knowing that her late fiance was the man he killed accidentally...The sad love story of two men and two women begins...


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