Korean Drama

Children in Heaven

children in heaven korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://heaven.kbs.co.kr/

Also known as:

Genre : Family

TV Premiere: 2002.9.9

Production : Writer : Yoon Jung -gun

Director: Kim Yong-kyu

Main Casts :Kim Dong-wan, Yang Mi-ra

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 12 Eps

Brief Synopsis

We came from the heaven. We are on a journey to find our mother... Ki Ho-teh is in his mid-twenties. No one knows his actual age. He is dis charged from the army after serving as a private but he has a hard time adjusting to civilian life. Whem he tackles a problem he charges full speed ahead without thinking about the comsequences. He is irresponsivle and weak-minded. But since he is an optimist he does not dwell on his failures. Ho-teh has a strong sense of justice, which becomes a liability to him somtimes because he will relentlessly argue over minor infractions of justice.

One day, two children appear at Ki Ho-teh's home. They are Jee-eun and Yong-jin. Their mother abandoned the two children and Jee-eun tries her best to take care of her younger brother. Jee-eun is a young kid but she acts very mature so that she can take care of herself and her brother. Yong-jin acts childish only in front of his sister.

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