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Catching up with Rich Mom

catch a kam nam mother korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Also known as Catch a Kam Nam Mother

Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/mother/

TV Premiere: 2007-Jun-25

Production : screenwriter- Kim Hyun Hee

Producer: Hong Chang Wook

Main Casts : Ha Hee Ra as Hyun Min Joo# Yoo Joon Sang as Seo Sung Won# Kim Sung Eun as Han Soo Jin# Jung Sun Kyung as Lee Mi Kyung# Im Sung Min as Yoon Soo Mi# Park Eun Bin as Lee Ji Yeon (Soo Mi's daughter)# Kim Il Woo as Do Sang Sik (Mi Kyung's husband)# Lee Min Ho as Do Joon Ong (Mi Kyung's son)

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 16 eps

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Brief Synopsis

Min-joo (actress Ha Hee-ra) was raised poor and her family could not afford to send her to college. But she dated a man who passed the bar exam and they eventually got married despite the disapproval of her husband's mother. But her husband later died in a motorcycle accident and Min-joo has to raise her son by herself as a single mom. She works day and night to support her son. But her mother-in-law keeps pressuring her to give up her son and let him live with her. Min-joo resists the idea and her son makes her proud by being a high achiever in school despite the fact that he doesn't go to cram schools like the other students. Believing that Jin-woo would eventually get into an elite college, Min-joo follows her son to an English contest one day.... She meets Su-mi (actress Lim Sung-min) there by coincidence. Su-mi is an old high school friend of hers who also lives in the rich Kangnam neighborhood. Min-joo brags to Su-mi that her son, who is the top student in his school, is far better than Su-mi's daughter who is ranked 20th in her middle school. But when Su-mi's daughter wins an award at the contest while her son's scores put him at the bottom of the group, she is shocked and seeks out Su-mi for advice. But Su-mi says insulting things to Min-joo and tells her that in order for kids to get into an elite college they need a mom who has inside information about the school system and a dad who earns a lot of money. While despairing over what to do, her mother-in-law appears in her life again and tells her to give up Jin-woo so that she can send him to the best schools in Kangnam. Reluctant to give up her son, Min-joo yells at them, saying that she'll move to Kangnam with Jin-woo and have him transferred to Superior Middle School...

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