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The Age of Heroes

age of heroes

Detailed Infomation

Broadcasting company: MBC

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/hero/index.html

TV Premiere: 2004.07.05

Production : screenwriter- Lee Hwan-Kyung

Director: So Won-Young, Kim Jin-Min

Main Casts : Cha In-Pyo, Jeon Kwang-Yeoll, Kim Ji-Soo, Lim Ji-Eun

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 50 eps

For MBC Photo Gallery from this drama : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/hero/news/photo/index.html

Brief Synopsis

Right after the Korean War ended, Korea was just a piece of barren land and here we introduce you two economic heroes who made legends and miracles out of this seemingly impossible land. The lives of these two heroes who were on the evry spot of Korea's economic development called "The Miracle of Han River". lights up the life story of the two legendary heroes, one(namely Jeong, Joo-Young) born and started off as a son of a poor peasant and the other, a drop-out of the renowned Waseda University but who was definitely gifted with native talent in business.


Chon, Tae-San (Acted by Cha, In-Pyo) He was born as the eldest son in a poor peasant family, yet a family of a good blood indeed. He learned Chinese literature from his grandfather, growing up learning and feeling the every responsibility and duty of his role as the eldest son. However, there was not much he could do in his hometown and there were too many family members he had to take care of. From scratch with empty purse and bare hands, he takes adventures for companions and with his bare and empty hands, he founds the Great Sae-Ki Group.

Kuk, Dae-Ho (Acted by Jeon, Kwang-Yeoll) Born as the youngest son of a rich landlord, his background was ever colorful and care-free. But he's somewhat odd and hates living in peace satisfied only with his present reality. He even dropped out of Waseda University and went on living his life away drinking and gambling. Then, one day he discovers what he is to do. A man of keen insight and gifted foresight, he bring in another miracle, Dae-Han Group.

Park, So-Sun (Acted by Kim, Ji-Soo) She was born a daughter to a singer, by that time considered a low class in Korea. She was the first love of Tae-San who was betrothed to marry him in childhood. However, Tae-San's strictly Confucian parents did not want to take her in. When ae-San leaves the hometown and her father passes away, she becomes a geisha. She has a dramatic reunion with Tae-San and weaves on a tragic love story with him but soon loses her life in the Korean War.

Kang, Hae-Young (Acted by Lim, Ji-Eun) She was born as the only daughter of a debenture broker. She's the one who later creates the love triangle with Tae-San and Dae-Ho. During the Korean War, she meets Tae-San again and becomes his business' financial supporter. She gives birth to Tae-San's fifth son. She carries on her father's business and becomes the mother of the underground economy.

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