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World Invasion debuts No.1 on weekend box office chart

Date: 2011.03.14

World Invasion debuts No.1 on weekend box office chart
"World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles" [Columbia Pictures]

SF thriller "World Invasion: Battle of Los Angeles" took over the latest weekend box office chart, according to data by Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) on Monday.

"World Invasion," starring Aaron Eckhart, Ramon Rodriguez and Cory Hardrict, about the Earth being attacked by extraterrestrial beings, attracted 254,991 viewers during the three-day weekend after opening in 494 theaters last Thursday.

"Black Swan," the previous winner of the chart starring Natalie Portman as a ballet dancer who starts losing her mind trying to immerse into her role on stage, took second place after collecting 191,156 audiences in 351 theaters.

A local romance titled "Shotgun Love," that premiered last Thursday, debuted on third place after drawing in a total 140,683 viewers in 347 theaters.

"Shotgun Love," that has Lim Chang-jung and Kim Gyu-ri as the main leads, is a romantic comedy about So-yeon (Kim), a popular fashion model in TV Home Shopping Channel seducing her co-worker Sang-yeol (Lim) to marry her after finding out that she is pregnant with a child of her ex-boyfriend.

Other films on the chart for the top 10 included "Late Blossom," "Rango," "The Fighter," "Children" "The Adjustment Bureau," "Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow," and "the King's Speech."

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