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Will It Snow for Christmas?

Will It Snow for Christmas? korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Official Website : click here

Genre : Melodrama, romance

TV Premiere: 2009-Dec-02 to 2010-Jan-28

Production : Screenwriter: Lee Kyung Hee

Director: Choi Moon Suk

Main Casts : Go Soo as Cha Kang Jin, Kim Soo Hyun as Kang Jin (teen), Han Ye Seul as Han Ji Wan, Nam Ji Hyun as Ji Wan (teen), Sun Woo Sun as Lee Woo Jung, Song Jong Ho as Park Tae Joon.

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 16

Brief Synopsis

Go Soo plays a man who was brought up by his grandmother in difficult circumstances and shows an “intelligent, masculine appeal.” His character had shared a young love with the girl played by Han Ye-seul, but through “sad circumstances,” they were forced to separate. She is the daughter of a famed doctor of Oriental medicine in a small village, although she’s always being compared to and passed over for her smarter, brighter older brother. She and Go Soo eventually reunite in their fateful love as adults.

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