Korean Drama

Sweet Pitapat

Sweet Pitapat

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/sweet/

Also known as : Sweet Pitapat

Genre : Drama

TV Premiere: 2011-May-02 to 2012

Production : Kim Yoon Young

Director: Park Ki Ho

Main Casts : Heo Young Ran as Kim Min Joo, Min Suk as Jung Do Hyung, Won Ki Joon as Goo Chang Ho, Jo Ha Rang as Jang Jin Hee, Min Joo's family: Lee Jung Gil as Kim Man Bok, Im Ye Jin as Lee Ok Soon, Kim Hyun Kyoon as Lee Duk Soo.

Running Time per Episode : 100+

Total Episodes : 30min

Brief Synopsis

Kim Min Joo is a spirited single mother who falls in love with Jung Do Hyung, the playboy president of a broadcasting company. Do Hyung had an arranged marriage with Jang Jin Hee in the past, but their divorced soon after his car accident in the U.S. He finds true love when he meets Min Joo.

A "Glad To Love You" follow up. Jo Ha-rang is the ex-wife of the lead male and conglomerate, challenging herself to an extreme change.

Kim Minju is a successful producer at a broadcasting station with a sad and painful past. Years ago, her ex-boyfriend left her in shambles. Since then, she decided never to believe in love again. She laughs at her own past humiliation. Meanwhile, Jung Dohyung, Minju's boss, had a heart transplant and strange things began to happen. His eating habits, the way he talks, and his sense of taste have all been changed!

He starts to fancy spinster, Minjoo. After the heart transplant surgery, cellular memory phenomenon made him fall in love with Minjoo although she is not his type. Meanwhile, Minjoo finds Dohyung is much alike to her ex-boyfirend, Gihun. She is confused initially but she slowly starts to fall for Dohyung too. She then finds out the story behind Gihun and her breakup previously unknown to her.

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