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Still, Marry Me

Still, Marry Me korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC

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Also known as: The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry, City Lovers

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere: 2010-Jan-20 to 2010-Mar-11

Production : Producer: Park Chang Shik, Screenwriter: Kim In Young

Director: Kim Min Shik, Lee Sang Yeob

Main Casts :

Park Jin Hee as Lee Shin Young
Uhm Ji Won as Jung Da Jung
Wang Bit Na as Kim Boo Ki
Kim Bum as Ha Min Jae
Choi Chul Ho as Na Ban Suk
Lee Pil Mo as Yoon Sang Woo
Park Ji Young as Choi Sang Mi

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 16

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Brief Synopsis

She has returned!

Lee Shin-young couldn't wait to get married when she was 32. But she's still single at the age of 36! She hasn't found a soul mate yet nor has she found success in her career. Her unforgiving personality is worse than ever. Now she's about to learn some hard lessons about life at the age of 36!

This drama depicts lives of three women who are closing one chapter of their life and entering the next. Lee Shin Young (Park Jin Hee), Jung Da Jung (Uhm Ji Won) and Kim Boo Ki (Wang Bit Na) are three women in their 30s whose romantic relationships have faltered due to their career ambitions, but find themselves given a chance to make a fresh start.


Lee Shin-young (age: 36) actress Park Jin-hee (A woman who can't wait to get married)

"Why is my life in the pits? I still have no direction in life. Could you hand me the wrinkle-free cream, please?" Hardworking and hardheaded, she's a reporter for UBN. She's on the top of the list of people to be fired in the next round of layoffs because she's a senior reporter and this puts her under a lot of pressure. She's single and doesn't have a boyfriend but she still maintains a positive outlook on life. She's slowly losing confidence in herself but tries to overcome her securities by working hard. She dates a guy who she met again on a reporting assignment after last seeing him 10 years ago on a blind date. She was set to marry him but she broke off their engagement when she was given an opportunity to work at the Washington D.C. bureau. After she returns from her overseas assignment two years later, she receives a wedding invitation from him. After a few false starts in a string of relationships, she decides that marriage is not in the cards for her. So she plunges herself into her work. After convincing herself that she's better off as a single lady, she works day and night on producing a new program. But then she suffers partial paralysis of her facial muscles. Because of her condition, she has to withdraw from her new project and this dampens her mood. She has a nice impression of her Oriental medicine doctor who treats her condition. They have a connection until he sends her a box of chocolates that she interprets in the wrong way and their relationship sours even before they even go out on a date. Just when she hits a new low point in her life, a romantic guy appears. He is a wonderful, charming guy and she falls passionately in love with him. But it so happens that he's 12 years her junior. Should she continue dating him or dump him? The road to marriage is full of hazards and obstacles...

Jung Da-jung (age: 36) actor Uhm Ji-won (A woman looking for the perfect man)

"I'm attractive. I'm going to find a man that can match what I offer to a partner. There will be no compromises! " She's an interpreter. She's got it all ? beauty and intelligence. She works hard to look stylish and elegant. She looks nice decked in luxury brand outfits and is self-conscious about her looks. She acts a bit silly when she gets drunk. When she doesn't like something, she won't hide her displeasure. She hasn't had much experience dating men and she's awful at reading what men are thinking. Since she's materialistic, she is seeking a rich, handsome man bachelor who is also naive. She's the eldest daughter in her family and she's the only one among her siblings who is unmarried. Her parents emigrated to America to escape poverty and she was able to learn English there. She returned to Korea when she was a high school student and became an interpreter. Even under difficult financial circumstances, she studied hard to attain her dreams. She believes that she's entitled to marrying a rich man. She wishes to have a husband whom she can rely on and go to parties with and take strolls in the park while pushing a baby stroller. Her goal is to get married within a year and she's looking around for a handsome, tall bachelor who has a salary in the six figures. He also needs to absolutely adore her and have little experience in dating other women. She schedules a string of blind dates and even shoots a TV commercial to enhance her profile but it turns out that company that hired her for the commercial is a sham company and they never pay her for her appearance. She finds a doctor who fits the bill and they get married. But things don't turn out the way she expects them to.

Kim Bu-gi (age: 36) actress Wang Bit-na (An attractive single woman who's past her prime)

"My specialty is nabbing guys and then dumping them after I lose interest in them. There are many things to see in the world and there are many men to meet as well. I'm precious. " Her occupation is a restaurant consultant. She provides consulting services to trendy restaurants or restaurants undergoing an overhaul. She'll pick out the menu, décor and every little detail that goes into running an excellent restaurant. Her other job is planning parties. She has a pulse on the latest trends. Trusting her sense of style, she is very competitive. She's brash, explosive, and likes to wear eye-catching clothes. She wallows in her world of style and fashion. But she's also a caring friend. After she broke off her engagement with her fiancé, she opened her eyes to a new career and began living a healthier lifestyle. She turns her attention to organic food and healthy eating habits. She knows that eating a healthy diet is important. Rare for an urban girl like her, she learns Wushu martial arts from a martial arts master. Unless she's in a dire situation, she doesn't display her excellent martial arts skills at all. She broke off her engagement with her fiancé whom she dated for 10 years and because of that, her fiancé's family thinks she's a mean chick and they hire people to harass her. That's when she decided to take martial arts lessons and besides, it's also good exercise. She uses her savings, which she planned to use for her wedding dowry, to finance her overseas studies at a Swiss hotel management school. She returns to Korea five years later and the real estate market has quadrupled in that time. She becomes a highly-sought restaurant consultant and all of her clients do well thanks to her advice. She belatedly learns how attractive and charming she is but foolishly denied herself the company of men. She finally sees what she lost after breaking up with her boyfriend. To make up for the 10 years when she was single, she lives every day with intense passion. When a married man asks her out on a date and pretends that he's single, she seeks out his wife, Choi Sang-mi, and pointedly tells her not to trust her husband. Somehow they become friends. She dishes out dating advice to Shin-young and Da-jung but she gets utterly disappointed to see them make all the mistakes she told them to avoid. But overall, she has a good friendship with them and enjoys life. Then one day, a baby is abandoned at her doorsteps...

Yoon Sang-woo (age: 36) actor Lee Pil-mo (last romanticist)

"How could I fall in love with a woman who is 8 years my senior? I think this is a form of punishment. I can't stop this relationship." He's a junior airline pilot and Shin-young former fiancé. He was voted as the most handsome pilot in uniform among the female co-workers. He has diverse interests ranging from sports, music, art, dance, cooking and photography. As a romantic guy with a charming personality, he also enjoys sports. He is aware that he's popular among the ladies. As the youngest in his family, he has a tendency of acting selfish and childish. He first met Shin-young on a blind date while he was in college and he later meets her again 10 years later when she comes to interview him. They fall in love but when Shin-young tells him that she's taking an overseas assignment in the Washington D.C. bureau, he acts cold and distant, resenting her for choosing her career over him. He gets engaged to another woman but he breaks it off at the last minute. With his wedding called off, he sends a wedding invitation to Shin-young, expecting her to come to the wedding hall and find out that his wedding was cancelled indefinitely. He expected her to call him. After getting tired of waiting, he goes to meet Shin-young but she acts unfriendly. Assuming that she's still mad at him, he sends her flowers and gifts, giving her time to sort through her emotions. When she still doesn't contact him, he goes to meet her again but finds out that she's dating someone. Her boyfriend is 12 years her junior. He doesn't think Shin-young can have a healthy relationship with such a young guy so he tries to persuade her to date him instead to no avail. He sells his house and looks for a new place to live. One of the houses he looks at is owned by an attractive landlord who is going through divorce proceedings. She's 8 years older than him but he finds himself attracted to her. He was planning on winning back Shin-young but he's falling in love with another woman and he finds it crazy. The older woman is a great conversationalist and it turns out that they share many hobbies. He laments the fact that she's much older than him and presently married to another man. Having to do some house repairs, he stays at his landlord's house and they sleep together one night, causing Sang-woo to become more confused. He loves her but he feels guilty about carrying on an affair with her when she's not completely divorced yet. He absolutely cannot marry her. But he loves her company. He thinks he can't live without her in his life. He would like to talk to Shin-young, who is dating a guy 12 years her junior, about his relationship with an older woman. He finds himself eager to listen to the problem that his landlord is dealing with. She tells him that her 24-year-old son is dating an older woman who is 12 years his senior and wants to marry her... So he agrees to meet her son and his older girlfriend to sort things out. The son's girlfriend turns out to be Shin-young, his ex-fiancée. And she's holding hands with the son of the woman he's in love with.

Ha Min-jae (age: 24) actor Kim Beom (Homme fatale)

"Let me be your last boyfriend! I'll love you until the day I die." He's a graduate from a prestigious university where he is a business major. He's also a talented musician and formed his own Indie band. He's a bad boy with a wicked charm. He's a famous songwriter in the college band scene. He went through a brief period of rebellion in his teens and formed a lasting friendship with his math tutor, Ban-seok. Now he gives dating advice to Ban-seok. He's a precocious child who had to endure his parents' strained marriage. He's disillusioned with love. He masks his emotions. Sometimes, he exudes warmth and at other times he's aloof and distant. He doesn't believe in true love and plays with the hearts of girls and doesn't feel any remorse after he breaks their hearts. He blames them for being foolish for falling in love with him in the first place. He's a lonely soul. There's a burning desire within him to be loved and to give love. The dam that holds back his emotions could break if he found the right girl. He meets Shin-young on campus where she cuts his guitar strings because he was interrupting an interview she was giving. Then she meets her again when she comes in to teach a class as a special lecturer. They don't like each other at all. During Shin-young's class, he finds himself attracted to her cute looks but he dismisses any notion that he might like her. When Ban-seok goes out on a blind date with Shin-young, he never gets a call back from her, which deeply disappoints him. Min-jae feels a bit jealous that Ban-seok went out on a date with Shin-young but again he dismisses the idea that he has any feelings for her. He then makes a bet with Ban-seok that he can make Shin-young his girlfriend. While trying to woo Shin-young's heart, he finds himself falling head over heels in love with Shin-young, who is 12 years his senior, and he confesses his love to her. Like a young passionate lover, he is ready to do anything for her. He wants to be a man that she can be proud of and he also feels intense jealousy towards men that might want to date her. He feels all sorts of emotions for the first time in his life and develops a solemn demeanor. When he hurts Shin-young's feelings by teasing her about one grey hair he found on her head, he shows up the next day with his hair dyed silver. He looks at his silver-dyed hair and likes what he sees. He tells himself that he'd like to age well as he grow old. And of course, he envisions that he'll be together with Shin-young. He tells his mother who is just 8 years older than Shin-young that he found the woman of his dreams.

Na Ban-seok (age: 36) actor Choi Chul-ho

"I'm looking for a soul mate but every girl I meet asks me how much my salary is. There are two kinds of women in the world - materialistic women or ugly women." He's an upright, proper man with a touch of innocence. He's a good-looking Oriental medicine doctor who works at the top Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea. He has a high-paying job, an outstanding educational background and good looks, making him a highly-sought bachelor but he acts awkward on blind dates and doesn't instill confidence. During his college days, he would go on volunteer missions to treat underprivileged people but his then girlfriend hated going and they broke up over it. Since then, he hardly dated anyone else. He believes that all women are materialistic and superficial. He's open to marrying someone he connects with regardless of whether she's older or once divorced. After counseling Min-jae who was going through a rebellious period in his teens, he takes pride that he mentored him into a fine young man. He is eager to help others as a doctor and human being. He goes on a blind date one day where he meets Lee Shin-young but she flatly rejects the idea of dating him again. Then he falls in love with Da-jung, an attractive interpreter, at first sight. He proposes marriage and she accepts. When he later learns that Da-jung and Shin-young are friends, it makes things awkward for him. As he starts to do the things he always wanted as a married man such as going on weekend family trips, living with the parents for a year, and having his wife take cooking classes with his mother, his wife wants a divorce.

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