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Standby korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company:MBC

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Genre : Sitcom, Romance

TV Premiere: 2012-Apr-09 to 2012

Director: Jun Jin Soo

Production : Screenwriter: Ki Seung Tae, Kim Yoon Hee, Lee Eun Young, Park Jae Hyun, Park Min Jung, Yang Seo Yoon

Main Casts : Ryu Jin as Ryu Jin Haeng, Lee Ki Woo as Ryu Ki Woo, Jung So Min as Jung So Min, Si Wan as Im Si Wan, Ha Suk Jin as Ha Suk Jin, Park Joon Geum as Park Joon Geum, Kim Soo Hyun (1985) as Kim Soo Hyun, Kim Yun Woo as Kim Yun Woo.

Running Time per Episode : 30 mins

Total Episodes : 100+

Brief Synopsis

Standby is a korean drama about a life and love of entertainment producers, writers, announcers and more based in a broadcasting company called TV 11.

Ryu Jin plays Ryu Jin haeng, who is determined to become a top news anchor.

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