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Se7en says almost debuted as duo with Rain

Date: 2010.09.08

Se7en says almost debuted as duo with Rain
Se7en speaks on SBS variety show "Steel Heart" broadcasted on September 7, 2010. [SBS]

Singer Se7en has said he almost debuted as a duo with Asian pop sensation Rain.

The 25-year-old pop star made the remark on a pre-recorded session of SBS variety show "Steel Heart" which went on air Tuesday, explaining that his producer and agency chief Yang Hyun-suk had suggested he form a two-man band with Rain.

Yang had then taken Se7en to meet Rain -- both were still trainees at the time -- and the two competed in a dance battle to see who was the better dancer.

Park Jin-young, who discovered and trained Rain, has said before on television that Rain debuted first because he won the dance battle.

On the show last night however, Se7en corrected Park's statement, saying that Yang deemed Se7en as being "way better."

Born Choi Dong-wook, Se7en, who debuted in 2003, was one of the most popular singers of the time up against Rain, also known as Jung Ji-hoon.

After releasing several albums in Korea and Japan, he left for the United States in 2006 to pursue a music career there.

He recently made a comeback to the Korean music scene, releasing his mini-album "Digital Bounce" which has fared well on various online and offline music charts since going on sale on July 21.

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