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Ryu Si-won celebrates birthday with 5,000 fans

Date: 2010.10.05

Ryu Si-won celebrates birthday with 5,000 fans
Hallyu star Ryu Si-won at his birthday celebration [R's Company]

Hallyu star Ryu Si-won was joined by 5,000 fans for a two-day event for his birthday celebration over the weekend, according to PR firm YTREE Media.

On Thursday, YTREE announced in a press release that 2,000 international fans met with the actor at the palace Changdeokgung on October 2 to learn about the historical landmark as well as take part in a photo session and literary contest.

The following day, 3,000 fans gathered to celebrate Ryu's birthday at the Gwangmyeong City Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province, where they came together with the Gwangmyeong City choir and an orchestra to record the song "I Am Thankful for You."

The festivities continued with guest appearances by the star's friends including singers Kim Won-jun, Kim Jin-pyo, comedians Yoon Jung-soo and Cha Seung-hwan, and actor Park Kwang-hyun.

Female solo artist Rottyful Sky also attended the event, holding a small concert as well as singing with Ryu for duet "In Love With You."

Ryu made his debut in 1994 in the KBS drama "Feeling" and has since starred in various other series including "Secret" (2000, MBC), "Beautiful Days" (2001, SBS) and "Style" (2009, SBS).

He has led a successful career in Japan in both music and acting, having released 17 albums and appearing in several local dramas.

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