Korean Drama

Real School!

My Princess

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC Every 1

Official Website : http://www.mbcevery1.com/realschool/

Genre : Sitcom

TV Premiere: 2011-Jan-10 to 2011-Mar-04

Main Casts : Do Ji Han as Good Student Do Ji Han, Joo Da Young as Idol Joo Da Young, Kim Soo Yun as Ambitious Girl Kim Soo Yun, Dong Ho as Show Off Dong Ho, Kim Dong Bum as Bad Boy Kim Dong Bum, Yoon Bong Gil as Hopeless Guy Yoon Bong Gil, Hong Yoon Hwa as Hong Yoon Hwa.

Running Time per Episode : 30 min

Total Episodes : 40

Brief Synopsis

A sitcom about a group of students who have a phobia of English. They are enrolled into a “Secret Class” that is known for a high success rate of teaching students English. Each student has their own ‘secrets’ and problems with studying English.

It’s not America or Canada but English village camp “Secret Class” is known to bring up English skills after visiting. Known as a legend, there is nothing about that place to know how it’s operated but just after taking lessons there, even a kid who doesn’t even know the alphabets can start joking around with a foreigner. What is their secret method for such skills? The kids enter “Secret Class” each with their own secrets and problems. However, everyone with strong characteristics, only cause problems instead of studying. Will the kids be able to graduate from this place after 2


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