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Perfect Game

Perfect Game korean movie

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Release date in South Korea : 2011/12/21

Genre : Drama, Sports

Duration : 127 mins

Director : Park Hee-gon

Cast : Jo Seung-woo as Choi Dong-won, Yang Dong-geun as Seon Dong-ryeol, Choi Jeong-won as Kim Seo-hyeong , Ma Dong-seok as Park Man-soo, Jo Jin-woong as Kim Yong-cheol, Son Byeong-ho as Kim Eung-ryong .

Brief Synopsis :

A korean movie based on the incredible match between Choi Dong-won (Jo Seung-woo) and Seon Dong-ryeol (Yang Dong-geun) on May 16th, 1987 and director Park Hee-gon's second movie. The cast includes Jo Seung-woo, Yang Dong-geun, Choi Jeong-won, Ma Dong-seok, Jo Jin-woong, Son Byeong-ho and more.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

Perfect Game Trailer

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