Korean Drama

Once Upon a Time in Saeng Cho-ri

Once Upon a Time in Saeng Cho-ri

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://www.chtvn.com/DM/sangchori

Also known as: Once Upon a Time in Saengchori

Genre : Comedy, suspense, romance

TV Premiere: 2010-Nov-05 to 2011-March-18

Production : Screenwriter: Lee Young Chul

Director: Kim Young Ki, Jo Chan Joo

Main Casts : Ha Suk Jin as Jo Min Sung, Lee Young Eun as Yoo Eun Joo, Kim Dong Yoon as Han Ji Min, Kang Nam Gil as Lee Man Soo.

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 20 Eps

Brief Synopsis

This drama revolves around a group of brokerage firm employees who are relocated to a quiet rural village, where both thrilling and bizarre events occur and romance bloom between the employees and residents.

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