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Ojakgyo Brothers

Ojakgyo Brothers korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS2

Official Website : click here

Also known as: The Brothers of the Ojakgyo

Genre : Family, romance

TV Premiere: 2011-Aug-06 to 2012-Jan-22

Director: Ki Min Soo

Production : Green Snake Sceenwriter: Lee Jung Sun

Main Casts : Uee as Baek Ja Eun, Joo Won as Hwang Tae Hee, Ryu Soo Young as Hwang Tae Bum, Choi Jung Yoon as Cha Soo Young.

Hwang family

Jung Woong In as Hwang Tae Shik, Baek Il Sub as Hwang Chang Shik, Yun Woo Jin as Hwang Tae Pil, Kim Ja Ok as Park Bok Ja, Kim Yong Rim.

Baek family

Lee Young Ha as Baek In Ho, Jo Mi Ryung as Jung Yoon Sook.

Cha family

Kim Yong Gun as Cha Hyun Jae, Park Joon Geum as Nam Yeo Kyung.

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 50

Brief Synopsis

This korean drama is about a family with 4 sons who live together with their relatives in a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae Hee is the third son and a policeman who falls in love with a girl named Baek Ja Eun. Baek Ja Eun is a haughty young woman who only believes in her pretty looks and is quick to flare up with anger.

Ojakgyo Brothers
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