Korean Drama

My Wife is Back

My Wife is Back korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

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Also known as: Wife Returns

Genre : Family

TV Premiere: 2009-Nov-02 to 2010

Production : Screenwriter: Lee Hye Sun

Director: Lee Yong Suk

Main Casts : Kang Sung Yun as Jung Yoo Hee / Jung Yoo Kyung, Jo Min Ki as Yoon Sang Woo, Kim Moo Yul as Han Kang Soo, Park Jung Chul as Min Young Hoon, Yoon Se Ah as Min Seo Hyun, Lee Chae Young as Min Yi Hyun.

Running Time per Episode : 30 mins

Total Episodes : 100+

Brief Synopsis

Jung Yoo Hee (Kang Sung Yun) grew up in a orphanage with her sister, but lost contact with her after she was adopted by foster parents who lived overseas. Her own foster parents stopped communicating with her after a length of time and Yoo Hee life was filled with unhappiness. That is until she met Yoon Sang Woo (Jo Min Ki), a man that swept her off of her feet. The couple ran away to an island and married. Soon they had a daughter, but their daughter became sick due to a heart disorder. Yoo Hee, desperate to save her daughter, turned to her mother-in-law, who offered to pay for her granddaughter's operation under one condition. That condition required Yoo Hee to leave Sang Woo and never come back. Yoo Hee wanting to save her daughter's life left Sang Woo. Sang Woo, unaware of the reasons why Yoo Hee left him, eventually remarried with Min Seo Hyun (Yoon Se Ah). Han Kang Soo (Kim Moo Yul) loved Yoo Hee since they were children. He even proposed to her years before, but Yoo Hee said no. She chose Sang Woo. Now that Yoo Hee left Sang Wooo, Kang Soo Han comes back into Yoo Hee's life. They move to Seoul. Yoo Hee still can't forget Sang-woo and on one fateful day, she meets him once again.

Jung Yoo Hee was left in orphanage with her little sister Yoo Kyung and she grown up protecting Yoo Kyung who has heart disease. At age 7, for the heart operation of Yoo Kyung, Yoo Kyung was adopted to America, Yoo Hee also adopted to Gu Kyung Man and the information with Yoo Kyung as disconnected. She had ill-treated from step-mother Do Do Hwa, then when Gu Kyung Man’s business became fall down, the adoption was canceled. She fell in love with Sang Woo during a travel. Both married in spite of interference of her mother in law, Mrs. Park. She lived with Sang Woo in his island and give birth to a daughter, Da En. But, when Da En get in danger with a congenital heart disease, her happiness became fall down. She left Sang Woo according to the deal with mother in law, Mrs. Park to give Da En a life.

Min Seo Hyun is a doctor, but the second wife of Sang Woo. She is a kind daughter who took after father and older brother, Min Young Hoon after her mother die. Step sister, Min Yi Hyun, who brought from somewhere by her father also follows her as well. She became doctor according to the will of her father, she is in charge of hospital and foundation which was left by her mother. During the trip for health service, she met Sang Woo and saved his daughter, Da En, then finally get in marriage with Sang Woo.

Min Young Hoon is the older brother of Min Seo Hyun, planning director of construction company. When he saw his father’s affair and his father leaving his mother who was in illness, the relation between father and son became broken. He left to America to study and took life as he want. When he came back to Korea, he happen to meet a girl. Girl who is orphan, touched him as he felt her himself, and he want to endeavor to find her step parents as well as recovering her memories.

Min Yi Hyun is the last daughter of chairman Mr. Min, step sister of Seo Hyun and Young Hoon. After first wife of chairman Mr. Min die, she joined with Min family. She met Han Kang Soo when she visited one cafeteria. Han Kang Soo has some special eye glitters, a man with full of pride and bluster.The man who say directly that Yi Hyun makes him so-so, but Yi Hyuns’s money attracts him. She start to think that this man is a worth of start something with her.

Yoon Sang Woo is the ex-husband of Jung Yoo Hee. He was well grown up as single son of middle size construction company. Though his parents wanted him to be successor, he became a biologist. After he fell in love with Yoo Hee, though his mother resist severely, he cut relation with his parents and marry her. He misunderstood that Yoo Hee left home following Han Kang Soo without knowing Yoo Hee left home to make Da En life. Though he marry with Seo Hyun who treat Da En like her own daughter, he is not so happy as he always thing of Yoo Hee. While he spend life like that he met Yoo Hee again. When he saw Yoo Hee who is treated badly by Han Kang Soo, the hatred disappears, and some kind of pity came into his mind. Half pity, half love, the relationship between Sang Woo and Yoo Hee starts again.

Han Kang Soo is a bad but attractive man. He lost parents at his early ages, but he was a sincere young man when he entered construction company after hard study. But he start to get in wrong way, when Yoo Hee, who he think, she likes him, start to makes affairs with Sang Woo. He started to think that, if what Yoo Hee want is money, he can catch Yoo Hee if he makes money. He made corruption and propose to Yoo Hee, but Yoo Hee select Sang Woo. Not only losing love, he was put in jail after his corruption was found. After he was out of jail, he went to island to find Yoo Hee. Over there, he met Yoo Hee who left Sang Woo already and back to Seoul. Though he taught he can make happy life with Yoo Hee, the real life is different with his taught. The life is very harsh to him who was orphan and also had record of jail. Moreover, he felt betrayal mind when he saw Yoo Hee who can not forget Sang Woo.

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