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Lim Ju-hwan admitted to hospital during military training

Date: 2011.06.27

Lim Ju-hwan admitted to hospital during military training
Actor Lim Ju-hwan [Trophy Entertainment]

Korean actor Lim Ju-hwan, who entered the military last month, has belatedly found to have been admitted to a hospital three weeks ago due to heart problems, according to his agency Yedang Entertainment on Monday.

"Lim fainted while he was receiving basic training because of heart problems," an official at Yedang told 10Asia over the phone.

He added that the actor did not have any complications to his heart before entering the military and that he is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in the Gyeonggi Province of South Korea.

Lim made his debut in 2004 with a role in SBS TV series "Magic" and became a household name after starring in "Tamra, The Island" opposite actress Seo Woo. He also appeared in several movies including "Frozen Flower," "Arang" and "A Millionaire's First Love."

He worked on the musical drama titled "What's Up," which tells the story of students that work to get into a school for musical actors, alongside Big Bang member Daesung and actress Jang Hee-jin.

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