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GLove korean movie

Official Website : http://www.glove2011.co.kr/

Release date in South Korea : 2011/01/20

Genre : Drama

Duration : 144min

Director : Kang Woo-seok

Cast : Jeong Jae-yeong, Yoo Seon, Kang Shin-il, Jo Jin-woong, Kim Mi-kyeong, Kim Hye-seong

Brief Synopsis :

Acclaimed Korean director Kang Woo-seok's first film based on a true story, "GLove," tells the story of a baseball team whose members are all hearing-impaired. Kim Sang-nam (Jeong Jae-yeong), a hot-tempered former professional baseball player, is sent to the countryside to coach a team of hearing-impaired players in order to avoid media coverage of his recent involvement in an assault case. At first, Kim has a difficult time imagining how he can teach baseball to a group of boys who can't hear, but as he spends time with them he starts to believe that they can play the game. Motivated, Kim decides to help them prepare for the nationals.

But things don't go the way Kim plans and their difficulties communicating with one another exacerbates the situation. Kang, who is known for action and crime thrillers such as "Silmido" (2003) and "Public Enemy" (2002), said in a recent interview that he wanted to make a film that would make him happy during the production process. Jeong won Best Actor for his performance in "Moss" (2010), which was also directed by Kang, at the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards in November.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

GLove Trailer

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