Korean Movie

Cafe Noir

Cafe Noir korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2010/12/30

Genre : Melodrama

Duration : 198 min

Director : Jeong Seong-il-I

Cast : Sin Ha-gyoon, Moon Jeong-hee, Jeong Yu-mi, Kim Hye-na, Yozoh, Lee Sung-min.

Brief Synopsis :

On Christmas Eve in Seoul. Young-soo falls in love with Mee-yeon who is his student's mother. This extramarital love affair cannot continue because her husband is back. One day, Young-soo receives a birthday invitation card from his student – Mee-yeon's daughter. He has determined to kill her husband and save Mee-yeon but it didn't work out. In a full of despair, he jumps into Han River to suicide. After all the troubles, he survives and suddenly a girl shows up. Sun-hwa is waiting for her boy friend who promised to come back in one year. She tediously talks about her love story in a café. Young-soo finds himself being attracted to her for some reason and suggests to pass her letter to him. But he has no intention to do it and Sun-hwa, tired of long waiting, asks him to go somewhere with her. Can Young-soo start a new relationship? Isn't Mee-yeon coming? Why hasn't Sun-hwa's boy friend come back?
International Film Festivals:
-2009 Venice International Film Festival, International Critic's Week
-2010 Film Independent's Los Angeles Film Festival, International Showcase
-2010 International Film Festival Rotterdam, Bright Future
-2010 Hong Kong International Film Festival, Indie Power
-2010 Munich International Film Festival(Filmfest Muenchen), Focus on the Far East
-2010 Era New Horizons Film Festival, Parnorama

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

Cafe Noir Trailer

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