Korean Movie

The City of Crane

The City of Crane korean movie

Official Website :

Release date in South Korea :

Genre : Drama

Duration : 100min

Director : Moon Seung-wook

Cast : Mahbub Alam Pollob, Yoo Ye-jin, Gombo Sulong, Viviamba Sooren.

Brief Synopsis :

Yejin is a reporter at a local broadcasting company. One day, she gets a brief interview with a mogol migrant worker named Batar, who became famous after dancing with a crane in a zoo and saving people from an accident at a construction site. Yejin decides to cover Batar's life on her TV show, so her company finds a special partner to help her. Her partner is Mahbub, an actor and media activist from Bangladesh who came to Korea 10 years ago. Things don't go as smoothly as they expect, as Batar mysteriously disappears. Yejin and Mahbub must change their plans...

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

The City of Crane Trailer

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