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Nice Shorts

Nice Shorts korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2010/01/21

Genre : Omnibus-Thriller

Duration : 91min

Director : Hong Sunghoon, Jo Sung-hee, Kim Ye-yeong, Kim Yeong-geun, Lee Jeong-Wook-I.

Cast : Hwang Yeong-gwang, Lee Ji-yeong, Park Se-jong-I, Lee Da-in-I, Jo Yeong-jin, Na Hae-ryeong.

Brief Synopsis :

Shall We Take A Walk?" (San-chaek-ga) is directed by Kim Ye-yeong and Kim Yeong-geun "Girl" (A-deul-eui Yeo-ja) is directed by Hong Sunghoon.

"Don't Step Out Of The House" (Nam-mae-eui Jib) is directed by Jo Sung-hee. "Mates" (Jam-bok-geun-moo) is directed by Lee Jeong-wook-I.

"Don't Step Out Of The House" synopsis:A young brother and sister live without their parents. They confine themselves in a poor run-down basement apartment. Very troublesome adults come visit them. A group of men infiltrate their home and threaten them. "I wanted to express the fear and insecurity that comes from 'the unknown'. Compared to the world, I think the human conscious is very shabby, weak, and confined."

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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