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Man of Vendetta

Man of Vendetta  korean movie

Official Website : http://www.vendetta2010.co.kr/index.htm

Release date in South Korea : 2010/07/01

Genre : Crime

Duration : 112min

Director : Woo Min-ho

Cast : Kim Myeong-min, Park Joo-mi, Eom Gi-joon, Kim So-hyeon-I, Lee Byeong-joon.

Brief Synopsis :

Previously known as "The Destroyed Man"

One day, Hye Lin, the five-year old daughter of a devoted pastor, Joo Young Soo, is kidnapped. Pastor Joo, who has a rock solid faith in God at this time, prays wholeheartedly for her safe comeback, but she does not return. Eight years later, Joo Young Soo, who now does not believe in God and leads a completely secular life, receives a call. Hye Lin is still alive and is with the kidnapper. Joo Young Soo's resolute attempt to rescue his daughter begins...

With his legendary acting, Kim Myeong-min, together with Seol Kyeong-gu and Song Kang-ho, has earned a solid place in Korea's movie district, Chungmuro, as one of its best actors. He has created sensational and convincing characters in every role he has taken. With his acceptance of the role in "The Destroyed Man," (Daisy Entertainment/Hancomm, Sponsors; iFilm Corporation, Production; Synergy, Marketing; Woo Min Ho, Director; featuring Kim Myeong-min, Eom Gi-joon, Park Joo-mi) there is high expectation of yet another poignant transformation in his acting.

Yi Soon Shin in "Immortal Yi Soon Shin", Jang Joon Hyuk in "White Tower" and Maestro Kang in "Beethoven Virus" - these are some of Kim Myeong-min's wide range of characters which he had made completely his own. With these roles, thousand-faced Kim Myeong-min has earned the praise and admiration of the general public.

Last year he showed the highest level of method acting, taking the role of Lou Gehrig's disease patient Baek Jong Woo, in "Closer to Heaven". By choice he went through a painstaking diet to realistically portray the dying Baek Jong Woo. He received the critics' acclaim as well as moviegoersÂ’ enthusiastic approval, and was awarded Best Actor at both of the major motion picture awards in Korea (Daejong and Blue Dragon). With this movie, he has irrefutably proven himself worthy of the big screen as well, following his previous success on television. His being cast in "The Destroyed Man" in 2010, even before filming started, has attracted huge interest and attention of the media and public alike.

In "The Destroyed Man," Kim Myeong-min plays the role of Joo Young Soo, a pastor, whose young daughter is kidnapped by a psychopath named Rudolf. Joo Young Soo is convinced that his daughter is dead, but eight years later he is contacted again by Rudolf, who still has Joo's daughter with him. Joo Young Soo is determined to find his daughter. Kim Myeong-min, as Joo Young Soo, is expected to capture the audience again with his signature charisma.

Eom Gi-joon is cast in the role of Rudolf, a psychopath who is relentlessly pursued by Kim Myeong-min. Uhm has proven himself a serious actor in musicals as well as in television dramas. The role of Kim Myeong-min's wife, Min Kyung, is played by Park Joo-mi, who starred in "Yeoin Chonha" (Women's Rule) eight years ago. This will be her debut on the big screen. She is expected to express painful, motherly love of a woman who loses her child to a criminal.

This movie is an exciting, hair-raising thriller, a story of breathtaking chases of a father who finds out that his daughter kidnapped 8 years ago, is alive. Filming of "The Destroyed Man" began in January, and the movie is expected to be released sometime around the middle of this year.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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