Korean Movie

Don't Cry, Tonj

Don't Cry, Tonj korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2010/09/09

Genre : Documentary

Duration : 90min

Director : Goo Soo-hwan

Cast : Lee Geum-hee, Lee Tae-seok.

Brief Synopsis :

Priest Lee Tae-seok, Korea's Schweitzer, sacrificed everything in Africa's Sudan. His last gift is the touching human documentary "Don't Cry, Tonj". In February 2010, a small village called Tonj in south Sudan. A brass band of Tonj marches through the village. The boys in the front were holding the picture of a man, smiling. The villagers could not believe his death and cried for Tonj's father. They are the Dinka, and their lives have been stained with anger, hatred, poverty, and disease. They risk their lives to protect their families and livestock. They are strong, so their tears are worth more. But they are crying for priest Lee Tae-seok, who left this world at age 48. He was the father of Tonj, a doctor, a teacher, a conductor, and an architect. His sacrificial life comes to the screen. His beautiful life will be shown to the world!

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr

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