Korean Movie

A Good Night Sleep for the Bad

A Good Night Sleep for the Bad korean movie

Official Website : http://blog.naver.com/badguy2010

Release date in South Korea : 2010/06/24

Genre : Action-Crime

Duration : 85min

Director : Kwon Yeong-cheol

Cast : Kim Heung-soo, Oh Tae-kyeong, Seo Jang-won, Jo An, Choi Deok-moon, Kim Joon-bae.

Brief Synopsis :

Three youths who have experienced lives of ups and downs, even though they're young. They barely get by with part-time jobs. Yoon-seong is unlucky, and the world won't leave him alone. Jong-gil is rude, only loves himself, and has been in an erotic video. Yeong-jo is clueless and uses girls.

All they want is one shot! One shot that will change their lives forever. And when Coach Lee comes into their lives, they get something unexpected. And Yoon-seong's sister Hae-kyeong gets involved because she wants to be a star.

Source http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr


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