Korean Movie

A Camel Doesn't Leave Desert

A Camel Doesn't Leave-Desert korean movie

Release date in South Korea : 2009/11/13

Genre : Drama

Duration : 75min

Director : Jo Kyoo-jang

Cast : Kim Nak-hyeong, Kim Hyeon-joo-I, Choi Young-hwan, Park Chae-ik, Kim Soo-yeong , Seo Moon-kyeong.

Brief Synopsis :

Getting out from the jail, JOO Young-Kwang come back to his hometown. In the meantime, his mother died and the family do not welcome his visit. With the money mother has bequeathed to him, he buys the real estate, gets married to a widow and starts a fish-peddling. But both the anxiety for the redevelopment and the doubt about the fidelity of his wife lead him to an extreme choice.

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