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Kim Soo Ro

Kim Soo Ro korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: MBC

Official Website : click here

Genre : Historical

TV Premiere: 2010-May-29 to 2010-Sep-12

Production : Screenwriter: Kim Mi Sook

Director: Choi Jong Soo, Jang Soo Bong

Main Casts : Ji Seong, Bae Jong-ok, Yoo Oh-seong, Seo Ji-hye, Ko Joo-won, Kang Byeol

Running Time per Episode :60 mins

Total Episodes : 32

Brief Synopsis

This drama charts the life of Kim Soo Ro, the legendary founder of the city-state of Geumgwan Gaya during the Three Kingdoms Period.

The traditional epic series, a 20 billion won blockbuster also starring noted actors Yoo Oh-seong and Bae Jong-ok, is set to air in late May after "A Man Called God" finishes its run.

Korean actor Ko Joo-won will be playing the role of King Ijinashi, the first king of state Daegaya, a major chiefdom of the Gaya confederacy during the Korean Three Kingdoms period. Ijinashi was in constant battle against King Su-ro, the founder and ruler of the state of Geumgwan Gaya in the 5th century, to be played by actor Ji Seong.

Ga-ya developed economy and culture through iron civilization and sea trade. This drama tells the story of the birth of the nation and the life of Kim Soo Ro, the leader.

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