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KEYEAST to 2011 eco-friendly calendar next month

Date: 2010.09.28

KEYEAST to 2011 eco-friendly calendar next month
Talents of KEYEAST for the 2011 eco calendar [KEYEAST]

Top Korean talenthouse KEYEAST will release an eco-friendly calendar featuring their stars, according to the agency on Tuesday.

KEYEAST announced in a press release that the calendar for the year 2011, including photographs and messages regarding the environment from KEYEAST stars such as Bae Yong-joon, Lee Na-young, E Ji-ah, Kim Hyun-joon and Choi Kang-hee, will go on sale in early October.

The calendar, part of the agency's push to help save the environment, will be produced with 100-percent recycled paper and printed in soybean oil.

It will also feature the history of World Environment day and proceeds will be donated to the Global Education Program for the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) National Committee for the Republic of Korea.

"All of the talents of KEYEAST have graciously agreed to take part in this project. We hope that many fans show their support for the environment through this eco-friendly calendar," Yang Geun-hwan, the CEO of KEYEAST was quoted as saying.

An official from UNEP said, "It is great to see how these top stars of Korea have taken part in this project to help the earth. Hopefully, people will learn more about the environment and the earth."

The 2011 eco-calendar will go on sale simultaneously in Korea and Japan on October 5 while a smart phone application, to be produced in Korean and English, will be available in mid-October.

Founded in 2004, KEYEAST focuses on various aspects of the entertainment industry such as managing celebrities, licensing, planning and producing visual contents and investments.

KEYEAST to 2011 eco-friendly calendar next month
Layout of the 2011 eco calendar [KEYEAST]

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