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I Believe in Men

I Believe in Men

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company:

Official Website : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/trust/index.html

Also known as : I Believed a Guy

Genre : Melodrama, romance

TV Premiere: 2011-Feb-28 to 2011

Production : Joo Chan-ok

Director: Choi Eun-kyeong-I, Lee Eun-gyoo

Main Casts : Wang Bit Na as Oh Kyung Joo Shim Hyung Tak as Lee Sun Woo Kim family : Oh Seung Myung as President Kim, Oh Mi Yeon as Ms. Im, Park Sang Min as Kim Nam Ki, Woo Hee Jin as Kim Hwa Kyung, Other people: Kim Dong Wook as Moon Hyun Soo, Lee Da In as Han Kyung Mi (Kyung Joo's sister) Hong Soo Ah as Ha Jung Min, Kim Chung as In Hee.

Running Time per Episode :

Total Episodes : To Be Annouced

Brief Synopsis

A classic family drama about a food company manager who goes through a series of tumultuous events after breaking up with a loved one for unknown reasons.

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