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Homme duet, FT Island dethrone BoA from music shows

Date: 2010.09.06

Homme duet, FT Island dethrone BoA from music shows
Cover of "They Live Well" from Homme collaboration (left) and FT Island's 2nd mini-album "beautiful journey" (right) [Loen Entertainment, FNC Music]

Homme duet, featuring 8eight's Lee Hyun and 2AM's Changmin, and Korean rock band FT Island took the crown from pop sensation BoA on weekend music programs last week.

The latest collaboration "They Live Well" by the two singers won top honors on KBS' Friday show "Music Bank" against Korean hip-hop trio DJ DOC. The Homme collaboration, produced by hitman bang, has topped various online and offline music charts since its release on in late July.

"I have always wanted to take the top spot with the members of 8eight so I will work hard with them to reach the No. 1 spot. Thank you very much," 8eight member Lee Hyun said for his acceptance speech on Friday's show.

On SBS' Sunday music program "Inkigayo," five-member band FT Island scored their first Mutizen Award in three years with their new single "Love, love, love."

The latest track is featured on the group's second mini-album "beautiful journey," which hit stores on August 25. They will be promoting the latest release in Korea while preparing for their joint concert in Japan this month.

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