Korean Drama


Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: SBS

Official Website : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/dream/

Genre : Romance, Sports

TV Premiere: 2009-Jul-27 to 2009-Sep-29

Production : Screenwriter: Jung Hyung Soo

Director: Baek Soo Chan

Main Casts : Joo Jin Mo as Nam Jae Yul, Kim Bum as Lee Jang Suk, Son Dam Bi as Park So Yeon, Hong Ah Reum as Song Yu, Park Sang Won as Kang Kyung Taek, Choi Yeo Jin as Jang Soo Jin.

Running Time per Episode : 60 mins

Total Episodes : 20 Eps

Brief Synopsis

Nam Je-il (Ju Jin-mo), once a successful sports agent, gets fired and thrown into the pits by his former boss, Kang Kyung-tak. His relationship with a reckless former pickpocket-turned-fighter, Lee Jang-seok (Kim Bum) and Tae Bo instructor-turned-trainer Park So-yeon (Son Dam-bi) transforms his life. After many trials and tribulations, he finally finds inner healing, success and true love.

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