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DJ DOC and Secret's "The Beatles Code"

Date: 2010.09.06

DJ DOC and Secret's The Beatles Code
From left, singer Chae Yeon, DJ DOC member Lee Ha-neul, singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin and comedien Yoo Se-yoon take part in a recording for cable music channel Mnet's "The Beatles Code" at the CJ E&M Center in Seoul, South Korea on August 19, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

"I've decided to watch what I say. Even when I say something with good intentions..." DJ DOC member Lee Ha-neul said with a slightly low-spirited expression during the recording for cable music channel Mnet's "The Beatles Code." He spoke in a way which made him seem a bit resigned, to the extent that one who saw him say this from quite close up may have wanted to say, 'What's wrong, you're not a weak person.' But if anything, nobody probably wanted to cry it out to him more than the production crew of "The Beatles Code." It is because like the words of emcee Yoon Jong-shin -- "it is up to the producer to bring out what the emcees have tried in their best to make as much be filmed as possible" -- the most crucial point to "The Beatles Code" is drawing out various stories from its guests, especially those which cannot be told on public television.

But the truth spoken by these rascals whose ages average 37.7 years and have been through hell and high water, was revealed better through their slightly toned-down speech rather than tough talk. The conversation led by the theme 'Murphy's Law' was enough to show the number of times DJ DOC had experienced chaos -- from the concerns of celebrities who make a living with the money they make from showbiz to the time they almost had to quit being singers during the early stages of their career because they got into a fight with several drunks. But the reason "The Beatles Code" is ultimately a music talk show is because amidst the confessions, starting at a certain point the guests naturally reveal their attitude as musicians. Like when Lee Ha-neul explained of their apologetic performance to female singer BoA on SBS music show "Inkigayo." "Kim Chang-ryul misspoke. And then we felt ashamed after hearing people say 'Is that how bad you wanted to take the top prize? Are you green with envy?' So we decided that we should just turn back after enjoying ourselves the right amount." That is how the actual truth of these aged rascals, who actually just wanted to have fun on stage without much to desire, emerged just like that. So Lee Ha-neul, do not seem so low-spirited.

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