Korean Movie

Chilling Romance

Chilling Romance korean movie

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Release date in South Korea : 2011/12/01

Genre : Melodrama, Romance

Duration : 114 mins

Director : Hwang In-ho

Cast : Son Ye-jin as Yeo-ri , Lee Min-ki as Jo-goo, Sin Seong-hoon as Ambulance worker.

Brief Synopsis :

Yu-ri winds up the inspiration for street magician Jo-gu's horror magic show and the show became a huge success. Yu-ri begins to work with Jo-gu but the darkness inside her keeps herself from connecting with anyone else. Jo-gu invited her to the dinner with team mates turns into a disaster when she gets blindingly drunk and the next morning Jo-gu hears a weird noise when he calls Yu-ri...

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Chilling Romance Trailer

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