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Brian, Choi Si-won and Vanness Wu to release album in Oct

Date: 2010.09.28

Brian, Choi Si-won and Vanness Wu to release album in Oct
Korean singer Brian, Super Junior Member Choi Si-won and Chinese singer Vanness Wu

Korean artists Brian, Super Junior member Choi Si-won and Chinese artist Vanness Wu have come together to record an album aimed at helping African children, according to a press release from entertainment firm Lion Media on Tuesday.

Lion Media announced through the statement that the three singers have formed a project group called 3rd Wave through which they will release an album titled "I Will Be There" on October 10.

Recorded in English, all proceeds from the album will be donated for use as emergency aid for children in Africa.

"I have received a lot of support from my fans during my ten years as a singer so I am happy that I can give back to those in need with my musical ability," singer Brian was quoted as saying.

The upcoming album, written and composed by leader Johnny Lee, will feature 11 tracks including "Sweetest Name" sung by Choi Si-won and "Everything to Me," a duet by Vanness Wu and Brian.

"I Will be There" will be available online at www.3rdwavemusic.org and released simultaneously in both Korea and the United States through Apple's iTune store in early October.

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