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Beautiful Days (KBS)

beautiful days kbs

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

Official Website : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/belle/

Genre : Romance

TV Premiere: 2007-Nov-12 to 2008

Production : Screen writer: Hong Young-hee, Lee Sang-min

Director: Jeon Chang-keun

Main Casts : Jeon Ye-seo, Park Grina, Choi Kyu-hwan, Kim Tae-ho

Running Time per Episode : 30 mins

Total Episodes : Eps

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Brief Synopsis

This drama depicts the desperate hopes and love of people of the 1970s, when the majority of families had four children. The true-to-life characters and the humorous language they use add fun to the drama. It is an opportunity to meet with your down-to-earth and well-familiar neighbors and receive vitality from them. None of the drama's characters is particularly successful, and this is not a story of their success. Through the four siblings, who were born in a marketplace, grew up there, left it in the quest for a better life but eventually returned, this drama sends a message of strong family ties and reconciliation.


Jeon Ye-seo as Oh Hyang-sook:

A second daughter of the Oh family, Hyang-sook stood out for her smartness as a child. Everybody in Chuncheon knew this pretty girl. But she was forced to go to a commercial high school for girls because her parents gave priority to her elder brother, who was the hope of their impoverished family. She wanted to go to college by all means, but her mother dashed her dreams and aspirations by saying that a girl should be thankful for having a chance to study in high school. One day, Hyang-sook steals her brother's tuition and runs away from home because she doesn't want to live a miserable life like her mother has lived. Seven years later, Hyang-sook shows up with her daughter unaware that her father had died. After that, she clashes with her brother and mother over everything.

Park Grina as Oh Jin-sook:

The youngest daughter of the Oh family, Jin-sook has an upbeat and naive personality. She does all the chores in the house and runs errands, but she has never complained about her destiny. She acted as the eldest daughter of her mother after her elder sister ran away from home, and she does her best to understand her mother. Her eldest brother Jae-beom is the standard of everything in life: everything he approves is good and everything he disproves is bad. When she grows up, she wants to marry a man who is like Jae-beom. But after Jin-sook meets the playboy Kyung-ho, she gradually begins to open her eyes to life as a woman.

Choi Kyu-hwan as Oh Jae-beom:

The eldest son of the Oh family, Jae-beom is the only hope of his parents and the spiritual leader of his family. He was known as a prodigy child in his hometown and has always been a good son to his parents. He feels burdened by his mother's utmost care and he is sorry to his siblings, but he has always accepted his mother's sacrifice because he knew that taking care of him was her only joy in life. He graduated from a college of medicine and used to work at a hospital in Seoul, but after his father died he moved to Chuncheon to be close to his family. He finds a job at a local clinic where he meets Tae-hee, also a doctor and the only daughter of the hospital director, and becomes close with her despite their bickering from day one.

Kim Tae-ho as Oh Jae-hyuk:

The third child of the Oh family, Jae-hyuk was never good at studying and didn't have big ambitions like his elder sister. He doesn't talk much but once he gets mad he explodes with anger like a volcano. He used to be fond of boxing and even dreamed of becoming an Asian champion, but he quit it after he crippled his opponent during a competition. Since then, he had worked as a delivery guy at an eatery and lived as an ordinary man. One day, he rescues a theater executive named Chul-ku and begins working for him by resolving all kinds of illegal matters. Every time he resorts to violence against his will, he recalls his painful past. But every time he is consoled by Mi-young, a woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Source: KBS

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