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ashamed korean movie

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Release date in South Korea : 2011/12/08

Genre : Drama

Duration : 111 mins

Director : Kim Soo-hyeon

Cast : Kim Hyo-jin as Yoon Ji-woo, Kim Kkobbi as Kang Ji-woo, Seo Hyeon-jin as Jeong Ji-woo .

Brief Synopsis :

What is it like when you love a woman?

Yoon Ji Woo, who had been plotting a fake suicide with pickpocket Kang Ji Woo, is cuffed by detective Min Yong and falls in love as destined. Jeong Ji Woo and Hee Jin hear about their love story and start asking questions. Director Kim Soo Hyun's latest film, "Ashamed", is a story about three people, all named Ji-woo, that brings a new approach to presenting the sentiment of love through the language and bodies of women. Did they truly fall in love? Did they tell the truth?

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Ashamed Trailer

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