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All About Marriage

All About Marriage korean drama

Detailed Information

Broadcasting company: KBS

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Also known as: Please Marry Me

Genre : Romance, family

TV Premiere: 2010-June-19

Production : Screenwriter: Jung Yoo Kyung

Director: Park Man Young

Main Casts : Lee Jong-hyuk, Kim Ji-young, Oh Yoon-ah, Han Sang-jin, Seong Hyeok, Lee Da-in.

Running Time per Episode : 45 mins

Total Episodes : 50

Brief Synopsis

Jung-im closes down the shop early in preparation for her father-in-law's 60th birthday. Yet, his sons and daughters are nowhere to be found, and so as her husband Tae-ho. At this hour Tae-ho is with his co-worker Suh-young, whispering loves under the curtain. Nowadays, Tae-ho has no arousal around his wife, and sees no sparks in their conversations. Suh-young, on the other hand, is a light to his dull life. As secrets can never stay sealed forever, during his sleep Tae-ho unconsciously blurts out his love towards Suh-young. After such bitter incident, Jung-im is dragged to I-dol concerts by her friend Aeh-ran, and unexpectedly ends up in a fight. Soon, the press releases news about her under the title by, "the revolting vigilant fan in her thirties!" Then Jung-im's life falls apart, as Tae-ho divorces her. Yet what she had not realized is that her life could also turn towards "good" when given just the right chance. As entertainment agency's head Hyun-wook decides to turn Jung-im into a successful Cinderella, her life changes! Then one day, as Tae-ho turns on his radio he hears a voice, a familiar one... yes, it was his ex-wife Jung-im's. What would happen next?

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