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2PM goes into countdown for comeback

Date: 2010.10.04

2PM goes into countdown for comeback
Teaser image of 2PM comeback [JYP Entertainment]

Six-member idol group 2PM has gone on a countdown ahead of making their comeback to the local music scene later this month.

The group's agency JYP Entertainment revealed an image of the phrase "Day - 2" on a black background on their official website (www.2pm.jype.com) on Monday, indicating that a teaser will be revealed two days later.

2PM made their debut originally with seven members in 2008 with their first single album "Hottest Time Of the Day."

Leader Park Jae-beom however, quit the group last September after sparking national controversy over comments he made on his MySpace account before his debut. The former leader parted with his agency for good in February over a “huge personal wrongdoing.”

The group continued with their music career with six members and made a successful return with their first full-length album "1:59 PM" in November, producing hit songs "Heartbeat," "Tired of Waiting" and "Gimme the Light."

They gave their first solo concert and encore concert of "Don't Stop Can't Stop" in early August and September, respectively, and are preparing to break into the Japanese music market in November.

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