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Wonder Girls release teaser video for "2 Different Tears"

Date: 2010.05.14

Korean pop sensation Wonder Girls have released a teaser video of "2 Different Tears" on their official YouTube channel today, according to their agency on Friday.

A press release from JYP Entertainment on Friday announced that the clip for the girls' upcoming song "2 Different Tears" has been uploaded on their official video site featuring member Sun as a waitress, Yenny, Yubin and Lim as clubbers and Sohee dressed as a man at 'JYP club.'

The teaser continues with the girls trying to approach a man and ends with them waving from a spaceship.

A representative from JYP said the full-length music video for "Tears" will be shown at the album's launching party on Sunday.

The event, where the girls will also chat with fans from around the world and perform their hits songs, is set to air live on Ustream [an online video broadcast service provider] on 6 p.m. on May 15 (Western time) and May 16 (Korea time).

Wonder Girls -- composed of Sohee, Yubin, Sun, Yenny and Lim -- considered one of the most successful pop groups in Korea, will be visiting their home country on May 17 to promote their new record.

The teaser video for "2 Different Tears" can be seen on their official YouTube channel.

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