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Wild Romance - Lee Won Jong a baseball addict!

Date: Dec 08 2011

Wild Romance - Lee Won Jong a baseball addict

If you're big Korean drama fans, you must admit that beside the leading lady and man roles, there are supporting roles which if played by a perfect person would be a great additional appeal in a drama.

For example, from this year hit drama City Hunter, we feel that Shik Jong ajusshi played important role for the drama and we also loved how he and Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) created a deep chemistry and many memorable funny moments. You still remember how Shik Joong ajusshi has a funny but bad addict with TV shopping, don't you ?

And Lee Won Jong is one of the 'specialized supporting role' actors which we love. He plays a bad guy mercilessly and plays a funny man hilariously.

So we're excited when heard that he will join upcoming Lee Dong Wook's Wild Romance as the father of Lee Si Young. We're more anxious as he's slated to play a father named Yoo Yong Gil who is a crazy baseball fans.

As the hardcore fans of baseball team 'Blue Seagulls' , Yoo Yong Gil without thinking would prepare an expensive present for that baseball's players to maintain their health every summer.

His character also described as divorced man who runs a seafood restaurant and raises his kids alone without wife.

Don't ask us how much we loved Lee Won Jong's character as a lousy detective in Vampire Prosecutor, so in case Lee Dong Wook-Lee Si Young's chemistry goes sour, Lee Won Jong will be our reason to watch Wild Romance.

Romantic comedy Wild Romance debuts January 4, 2012.

Source: Newsen

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