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Trainee picture of JYP Entertainment artists revealed

Date: 2010.12.03

Trainee picture of JYP Entertainment artists revealed
Trainee picture of JYP Entertainment artists [Online celebrity website]

Some of the biggest names in the K-pop industry stirred the Internet on Friday after a picture of them during their years as a trainee at JYP Entertainment (JYPE) was unveiled.

Various online websites revealed 2AM's Jo Kwon, 2PM members Taecyeon and Junho, Wonder Girls member Sohee, current BEAST member Gi-kwang and solo songstress JOO from years ago when they were training at JYPE.

Fans who saw the picture have responded, "The picture of Jo Kwon and Taecyeon with long hair is quite different," "I didn't know that Gi-kwang was a trainee under JYPE" and "Before Jo Kwon had a built body he seemed really skinny."

Jo Kwon is the leader of four-member ballad group 2AM and is currently promoting their first full-length album "Saint o'clock" which topped a number of online and offline music websites in Korea and in several Asian countries.

Taecyeon and Junho made their debut in 2008 with boy band 2PM, producing various hits such as "10 Out of 10," "Again & Again" and "I'll Be Back."

Sohee is one of the vocalists for female idol group Wonder Girls. They are known as one of the biggest names in the Korean music scene with their hits "Tell Me," "So Hot" and "Nobody" since their debut in 2007.

Gi-kwang trained with JYPE but made his debut in the six-member boy band BEAST. They recently held their first-ever showcase in Japan, performing in front of 10,000 fans.

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