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Teaser photo of Wonder Girls' member Sohee unveiled

Date: 2010.05.13

Teaser photo of Wonder Girl member Sohee unveiled

A teaser photograph of Wonder Girls' member Sohee was released on their official website on Thursday, the last of a series of promotional photos for their upcoming album "2 Different Tears."

In the photo distributed by agency JYP Entertainment (JYPE), the group's youngest member Sohee was seen holding a television set while wearing heavy eye make-up and donning a new hairstyle.

Just two days ago, the group's former English tutor Daniel Gauss made shocking accusations that JYPE ill-treated the young singers while they were working in the U.S., claiming that the girls had no medical insurance, lived under illegal housing conditions and were required to pull off demanding work schedules.

But JYPE CEO Jung Wook flat out denied the accusations, saying they are "not true and groundless," while members Sun and Yenny stepped forward the following day to back their agency. The girls gave a rather elaborate explanation on how well and generously they were taken care of overseas.

Wonder Girls debuted in Korea in 2007 and quickly became one of the most successful pop groups in the country with three consecutive No. 1 singles, "Tell Me", "So Hot", and "Nobody".

In the summer of 2009, the girls and producer Park Jin-young surprised everyone by going over the U.S. where they began working as a virtually unknown pop group from Asia.

Their foray into the American pop market turned out to be a risk well taken as the girls scored 45 opening gigs for boy band Jonas Brothers' U.S. summer tour, appeared on several TV shows and made a Billboard chart entry for their debut single "Nobody," which was placed at No. 76 in October 2009.

The quintet, with new member Lim replacing Mimi after she left the group in February, will be releasing their new album worldwide on May 16 (Korea time). The title track and its music video will be available in Korean, Chinese and English.

The girls are scheduled to arrive in Korea on May 17 to promote the new record.

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