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TEEN TOP's Chunji accepted in Hanyang University!

Date: 2011/12/01

TEEN TOP'S Chunji accepted in Hanyang University!

TEEN TOP's Chunji is accepted into Hanyang University and has become a freshman!

Group TEEN TOP's member has successfully passed the 1st round of selection for the practical music faculty in Hanyang University.

Chunji with his talent was accepted based on merit rather than special offer. He had personally went to take the test for major in vocals and has thus been accepted.

In particular, the competition for Hanyang University Practical Music faculty Vocal major was tough with 484.8:1 where there were 2424 applicants for only 5 spots.

In a call from bnt news with TEEN TOP's representative, "We were informed of the results before the SATs. Chunji sang Chris Brown's "With you" and JYJ's Kim Junsu "You are so beautiful" for his practical test.

On the other hand, TEEN TOP will be holding their "Talk and Live" at Japan, Shibuya on the 19th and 20th December.

Source: bntnews.hankyung.com

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