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T-ara Eun Jung in "Queen Insoo"

Date: 2011/11/03

T-ara Eun Jung in 'Queen Insoo'

Pictures that appeared from the set of upcoming cable channel jTBC korean drama "Queen Insoo", showed Ham Eun Jung in action in a pretty hanbok.

Dream High's star and singer from Kpop group T-ara, 23-year old Ham Eun Jung is part of the cast as she plays the role of the young Queen Insoo.

This drama is a story of Queen Insoo who lived during the Chosun dynasty. Queen Insoo is the mother of King Sungjong and the grandmother of Yunsankun. As a usual saeguk, the story contains political situation inside the kingdom, also the conflict between three big women in the dynasty : Queen Insoo, Queen Junghee and discarded queen Mrs. Yoon.

50 episodes Queen Insoo will be helmet by PD Lee Tae Gon who directed "Last Scandal in My Life" while the script is written by Jung Ha Yun who wrote KBS drama "King and Queen".

Source: Newsen

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